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Da Vinci Schools logo of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man and student. Symbolizes learning through creation. Yet, the student is making his/her version of the Vitruvian Man, illustrating the school’s idea of leveraging each student’s unique gifts.

Annual Impact Report


A Message from Chief Executive Officer & Superintendent Dr. Matthew Wunder

The Da Vinci Schools team collectively aspires to prepare our students for a rapidly changing world and educational landscape. This past year has challenged us all, in ways like no other. 

This year will be defined by the pandemic and confronting systemic diversity and equity issues. The Da Vinci team supports our families who have been impacted by these monumental challenges.

I hope you will stand with me and the Da Vinci Schools Board of Trustees as we give our teachers and administrators a standing ovation for their exceptional pivot to all remote teaching and support. Our team's ability to adapt created new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

We look forward to continuing to applying lessons learned as we move toward the full reopening of our schools in Fall 2021. I would also like to acknowledge our incredible students and families for your adaptability in these unprecedented times. 


In this inaugural Annual Impact Report, you will see an overview of the Da Vinci Schools programs, including key initiatives, successes and achievements over this last year. The support Da Vinci receives from the Wiseburn Unified School District, industry, philanthropic, and community partners is unparalleled. We know we can achieve far more together than we could ever on our own.

We invite your feedback and look forward to serving students with the finest educational opportunities Da Vinci has to offer.

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About Us

"Da Vinci Schools are among the very finest I've seen." 
- Dr. David Brown, former Executive Director Western Association of Schools & Colleges 

305 Da Vinci Team Members

2,474 Students

52% Latino
17% Black
16% White
4% Asian/Pacific Islanders
11% Multi-Race/Other 


5 Schools 

2,384 Da Vinci Alumni

113 Zip Codes Served 

Located 2 miles from Los Angeles International Airport and the beach


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A new generation of students prepared to lead, innovate, and thrive in the modern world.

Da Vinci Schools Timeline

Da Vinci Schools is named one of Getting Smart's 75 "Top School Networks" in the nation.

Program Overview 

College and Career Readiness


Caring and Compassionate School Cultures


Project-Based, Real World Learning


Merging High School and College - Da Vinci Connect & Da Vinci Extension

Copy of v2 Whiteboard 478x580.png

Campus Learning + Career Pathways 

Computer Science
Multimedia Journalism
Media Production



Graphic Design


Mechanical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Biomedical Engineering

Da Vinci Design Students Presenting Pointing Left
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Hybrid Learning Programs

Grades TK-8: Homeschool and on-campus instruction using project-based and social emotional learning.

Grades 9-12+: College degree completion along with a high school diploma, for free.

Personalized learning that meets the academic and social emotional needs of youth navigating disruptions in their academic journeys.


A college and career program where students complete transferable college courses or earn an associate's degree or bachelor's degree with personalized support, all at no cost to students.

2020-2021 Key Accomplishments

Over one weekend in March 2020, our team mobilized and successfully pivoted to providing remote learning and support. Both teachers and students adjusted quickly due to their project management and tech skills. > See Reflections on Remote Learning


More than 1,500 Chromebooks were distributed to students as part of our 1:1 computer program.

Da Vinci Connect expands to offer a high school program that provides a bachelor's degree and high school diploma at the same time, for free.

Da Vinci transitioned its student/family recruitment to all-digital with virtual information meetings, student chats, virtual tours, and more.  

Da Vinci Institute hosted the Transforming Learning Goes Virtual conference for educators around the globe focusing on best practices in virtual learning and the future of work.

Da Vinci joins the Alder Graduate School of Education’s SoCal Teacher Residency Program to grow a diverse internal talent pool of teacher candidates for high-need, difficult to fill positions in Math, Science and Special Education.

Da Vinci Communications Student Presenting

People Matter

Da Vinci Schools continue to attract some of the best and brightest educators in the region. 

An organization-wide commitment to diversity, equity, belonging and anti-racism for all students and staff.

Collaboration with community partners to develop a skilled and diverse talent pipeline for college and future jobs. 

Da Vinci Communications Teacher walking and smiling
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980x652 Students w Teacher for Culture M

Culture Matters

Da Vinci Schools have caring and compassionate school cultures. We survey staff, students and families annually to solicit critical feedback and to assess how we are doing.

Our Fall 2020 Net Promoter Score (NPS) is 75.8*, an exceptionally high score. The score indicates how likely students, families and teachers would be to recommend Da Vinci Schools.


2020 student and parent/guardian surveys went out this Fall and feedback revealed students and families think we’re awesome!

*What is a Net Promoter Score?  Industry NPS benchmark for the education & training sector is 71. By comparison, Apple has a NPS of 47 and Amazon's is 62. 


What Our Families Are Saying

800x800 Teachers w Students Reviewing No

This school provides quality instruction to my child.

800x800 Student Presenting at Computer.p

This school has high expectation for all students. 

980x650 Students eclipse .png

Teachers treat students at the schools fairly. 

What Our Students Are Saying


Working on a project or assignment that has real-world applications is important to me. 

800X800 DV Group of Kids Laughing .png

It's common for students to have close friends from different racial, ethnic, or cultural backgrounds at this school. 

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Signature Practices + Programs Matter

Project-Based, Real World Learning


Presentations of Learning 

Mastery-Based Grading

World Champion Robotics Team > Read Here

Athletics & Arts  

Volleyball 2.jpg
Partial list

Partnerships Matter 

A unique and rich district-charter partnership with the Wiseburn Unified School District.

Innovative partnerships with industry and higher education that prepare students for college and career. 


Industry partnerships thrived in 2020 with project collaborations, virtual internships, lunch & learns, advisory boards, and more. 

More than $3.6 million raised in 2020-21 alone - funders believe in what we have to offer. 

Da Vinci is so grateful to all of our community partners and supporters 

Achievement, College Access + Completion Matter 

94% of Da Vinci students complete A-G requirements, 51% above national average

76% four-year college acceptance rate (2015-2019)

84% of Da Vinci graduates enroll in college immediately after high school, 20% above state and 15% above national average

92% of Da Vinci students persist in second year of college, 11.2% above national average

Da Vinci Extension graduated its first student with a bachelor’s degree from Southern New Hampshire University, at no cost and with no debt! 

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Where Do Da Vinci Graduates Go?  

With the Class of 2020, Da Vinci Schools has graduated 2,384 students!

Graduate with dipolma and family
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Fiscal Responsibility Matters

Da Vinci Schools practices sound financial policies that support the long term overall health of the organization. Philanthropic contributions help support services and opportunities that we cannot provide with public funding alone. The 2020-2021 overall operating budget was $26,283,662.

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